Tuesday, April 9, 2013

So. It's been awhile.

Well, it has been quite a long time since I have updated anything here.....but that's not to say the building hasn't been continuing. A lot of times it's very time consuming to juggle building and updating a blog. So, I have a LOT of new photos to share with you all, and rather than create one big post, I am going to break it down into a bunch of smaller posts that describe each set of photos! First of all, let's start with my girlfriend, Kristen. After enduring my build for a long time, the fateful moment finally came.....she decided to build a droid herself. At the moment, her plan is an all black imperial droid with hot pink panels. She's getting started the right way though, she ordered a crash fiberglass dome and the NEW Com8 A-1 aluminum frame. She's extremely excited to get to build and is still waiting on her first few parts to arrive, even though she's already acquired a few aluminum parts thanks to Engima516 (George W.) and myself! So please, if you're subscribing to my blog, or just passing by, please check out her build as well at..... http://kristenstrand.blogspot.com/

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