Saturday, February 15, 2014

And here we go!

My legs arrived awhile back - shortly after Christmas. Since then, i've moved and been planning my wedding. Kristen's R2 has also taken a backseat due to the wedding (May 30th!). Anyway, with a comic convention coming up, I decided it was time to get cracking and get him standing by then. I commissioned a set of aluminum feet drives from a well known R2 builder, so hopefully they arrive rather soon. So let's start with Kristen and I's droid in their current state - here's a great picture showing them together!
Next, here is a shot of my JAG aluminum legs mounted with my JAG aluminum ankles.
Next, I just HAD to see what it looked like with some accessories attached.
Next, here's a photo of the what the leg/ankle will look like when it's attached to a foot.
And finally - here is a photo of the whole family. Kristen's droid and my droid and the legs. I am well on track to have him standing on all 3 in the next 2 weeks. Let's hope everything goes smoothly!

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