Friday, October 14, 2011

The frame is "complete"

Well, it is...and it isn't. I opted not to worry about taking any photos because who wants to just see a photo of a black ring? Nobody! The ring painting went straight-forward, and now it's awaiting the final assembly (until gluing). Still having trouble acquiring a set of aluminum skins, so in the meantime, I have decided to start on the skirt! I would like to thank Victor Franco (Have fun in R2LA!) for giving me a scanned set of his drawings to help with my skirt. I am going to try to make my skirt tutorial as in-depth as I can so that others may follow it in the future.

The bad news with all this, is that this is my last real weekend to accomplish anything for about 2 weeks. Sadly, awhile back I tore my ACL and my surgery is on Monday. My plan (hope) is to get most of the pieces cut for the skirt this weekend, and come Tuesday or Wednesday to order the styrene for the skirt. I then hope to be able to cut the styrene while I am recovering throughout the week. It's my first surgery so I am a little weary!

Lastly, when I get home this evening, I will assemble the frame 100% and post some pictures here!

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