Saturday, October 1, 2011

Painting the frame!

I opted to paint my entire frame. There is no real reason for this other than looks while building, and the little that you'll see when the dome is off. I really just wanted to have it look more completed! Anyway, I picked up one can of Rustoleum Texture Black. I went with the texture just because.......well, just because.

I laid out all the parts on some workman's paper...and began to spray them.

By the time I was done spraying the first side.........two problems had occurred.

A. It was TOO dark to finish the second side.........and

B. One can of spray paint is NOT enough to do the entire frame.

So today (saturday) I went and picked up another can and did the other side. I still have to do that middle ring, but I swear..........3rd times a charm!

one final comment here........I want to say I absolutely LOVE how the paint turned dries evenly (even if it doesn't look it) and just makes the whole frame appear 'more' than just wood. For a 10 dollar investment, I think it was money well spent, even if most people will never see it.

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