Monday, February 27, 2012

Sorry for the delay!

I paid $500 (yes!) for a JAG V4 frame, that included the satellite motors for the 2-3-2, the shoulder hubs, speaker mounts, and best of all, the rockler bearing. I have no pictures of this (as I am at work now) but tonight I promise I will update and get some photos.

In other news, I also ordered the JAG aluminum skirt....I didn't need one, but I took money I had been saving for something special, and decided to splurge!!

Pics soon!


Here is a pic from my phone.


  1. AH HA, I've caught up!!
    (scrolling down).... crud. you've done skin work already.

  2. By the way, where'd you get your frame? I'm trying to figure out if that lower area under the foot with the four really short rods was an add-on or what. I've seen a mix of pics of them where they're there and not...

  3. I ordered my frame second-hand from a guy on the Y! Boards. He mentioned that there was some modifications done to the frame, but I think it was just modifications for making the skins attach/look better. I would think you would have to have those 4 rods on the skirt part, otherwise, how else would it attach? I think it's to provide stability....hopefully my JAG skirt will be here soon as well as my aluminum LDP!!!