Thursday, February 2, 2012

Skin work!

Today I started the process out cutting out the outer layer of skins. I only did the back side today to make sure I had a firm grasp on the process. Truthfully, if I am going to mess a side up, i'd rather it be the back. Fortunately, and this kills the drama, I didn't mess anything up!

Here you can see that I have most of the panels removed. These panels come out just like the dome and the inner skins......a hacksaw and a little WD-40. Once they're out, I take a file and get them nice and smooth.

Here you can see my new table for holding parts!

Here is a shot (another one) of how I remove the panels that I don't need. In this case, the inside part of the door. By placing a piece of wood underneath it, it raises the piece up a small bit, and helps with the removal. Simply place a chisel on the line, and give it one firm hit!

Next,I take the pieces inside and match up the panels from the OUTER and INNER skin.

Here you can see each inner panel resting on top of the outer panel.

Next, it's time to place some JB WELD on the outer door panel. What I did, was place the doors on top of each other, drew a line with a sharpie along the edge of the doors, then put the JB right on that line.

PROTIP: JB Weld is MESSY! Especially for a first timer. I used a box of Alcohol Swabs to help clean up any runs that drifted into a spot that would be seen. These pads worked wonderfully!

Next up, it was time to clamp the piece together. I bought a package of 200 (YES 200!!!) at walmart for $8.00. This is how many I used on ONE piece.

And finally, an hour later, I had all 6 panels JB Welded and clamped! They look phenomenal.

In other news, despite my best efforts of holding off, I bit the bullet and purchased a JAG Aluminum Skirt today. There was nothing wrong with my MDF skirt, but I just had to get the aluminum one......!

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