Monday, January 30, 2012

Start of the skins!

First. Let's take a look at the panels. Here, you see the rear panels, the one of the left hand side is in the inner, which means the opposite side is the outer.

Next we see the outers, again, the inner panel is pictured on the left hand side.

This shot shows how I removed the panels. I took a board, and laid the skin out on it....I then placed a chisel on the panel, and gave it a nice "wap" with a hammer, and it instantly came out!

Here is a shot showing some of the panels removed.

Finally, here is a shot showing the skin wrapped around my frame. My frame looks to be off some, and I think I may have found the answer (hint hint).

Also, I finished my Azman Radar eye. Still needs a little work, but looks fantastic!

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