Monday, January 23, 2012

Skinning my legs.

I've gotten a few PM's about "where i've been" so I wanted to take a second out and update here. I have decided I can't handle seeing the 'wood' on the wooden legs. Despite my best attempts at filling them, there are still plenty of places where they are not smooth and you can see wood grain. This just does NOT work for me. Not only is the wood grain an issue, but the durability is a HUGE issue. Every little thing that touches them wants to leave some sort of mark........after 5 months of them driving, i'd probably need new legs.

After talking with my good friend Randy (TK8999), he suggested I do what he's doing (did) and skin my legs with .020mm styrene. I hate styrene, but this seemed like a viable option. So, for $8.50 for a 4'x8' sheet of styrene, I embarked on skinning my legs. I am not taking photos of this NOR am I am effectively blogging about it because there is already a great tutorial on the Astromech website. I hope to have them done in the next day or so and then will show off the NEW product here!!

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