Sunday, January 1, 2012

First touch of white!

Against my better judgement, I decided that today would be the date for some white paint to grace my legs. I also picked a day that was 30+ MPH winds. I shielded them the best I could, and am somewhat pleased with the results.

For starters, I sanded both legs with 1200 grit sandpaper. This was mainly to remove any dust/debris and prime the legs for the paint.

Next, I engineered this little device to allow me to spray both sides of the legs without having to flip them over. The downside to this, is that it causes the paint to run. Actually, it did phenomenal, the downside is that I am a shitty spray-painter and put on too thick of a coat.

Finally, you can see the legs in all their white glory. There are a few runs that will need to be sanded down, and I need another 1-2 coats anyway, but for the most part, they look good. There is a piece on the short side where you can see wood grain, which is entirely my fault. However, I don't think I will worry about fixing it at the given time. Secretly, I hope to one day switch everything out with aluminum.

You may be asking why I painted the white BEFORE adding the beefy ankles, and that's simply because I intend for them to be resin or styrene, and a coat of paint underneath them will not be an issue. I also recently ordered an aluminum LDP, and am still waiting on my skins to arrive!

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