Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I've been workin' on the Teeces.

Okay, I received my Teece's kit the other day to start assembling all of the lights. All I can say is.....WOW. There are a LOT of parts to this kit. I purchased a wellner Soldering Iron, some solder that I would later realize was WAY to thick, and a few other accessories. To start with, I am on my SECOND soldering iron now. The wellner's tip was TOO thick (I have never soldered anything), so I later bought a $8.00 one at RadioShack that has a needle-like tip.....and this thing is perfect!! I also bought some new .022 solder that is working well. I stupidly forgot to buy a AA battery pack so that I could test it out, so first thing in the morning, that'll be on my "to-do" list..... Otherwise, after watching the tutorial videos about 3 times, I finally started to "get" it and make some progress. I got quite a bit done on my first evening (probably about 4 hours worth of work so far) and am excited to 'hope' it all works tomorrow when I turn it on to test! Here are a couple photos.
In other news, I received an email notification informing me that my JAG Skirt has been shipped and should be here on Thursday, so that is EXTREMELY exciting for me. With some luck, i'll have this kit done by Thursday and ready to tackle my new skirt.

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