Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Painting the inner dome.

As strange as it may seem, apparently there is one panel that is silver on the outside, and BLUE on the inside, which means there is a small section of the inner dome that must be painted blue. I started this by tracing the panel, and then placing blue tape just outside of that line.
One it was done and I was certain that the dome was protected, I used some dupli-color self-etching primer.
Next, I proceeded to put 3 coats on the inner dome, and clear coat it, then I allowed it to cure overnight. The next morning, I started to remove the tape.
And finally, we are able to see a perfect "panel" on the inner dome.
In other news, I also touched up my Large Data Port (LDP)because it had some chipped paint (due to my carelessness!). I still have several parts on the way, including aluminum holoprojectors and aluminum logic surrounds. The last piece I need to acquire is an aluminum radar eye. Forunately, I have a friend who is holding one for me and I just need to transfer the funds and my dome will be 100% done!!

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