Thursday, July 12, 2012


Today, I received my JAG Skirt. I wasted NO time pulling it out of the box to see it. This is a part I have been so excited about getting that I could barely contain my excitment when the doorbell rang! Quickly, I opened the box to reveal this beauty!!
First, I set up a table and laid out all the parts.
I had to get it painted. Today was a fairly decent day to paint due to the lower humidity. I quickly got it primed with self etching primer!
I did three lighter coats, and allowed about 2 hours worth of drying in between each one. I allowed the extra time because of the humidity. While it is still higher, it was lower today which allowed me the opportunity to paint. After the three coats, I did a wet sand, and then applied the fourth and final coat. I will be honest, of all the painting I have done, this one looks FLAWLESS!! I am very happy.
I will let it sit for about 12-15 hours before I place the clear coat on because I want to ensure the paint is fully dried before it's coated! In other news, my Teece's kit is coming along nicely. I had a hiccup yesterday when my front logics wouldn't work. Only half of the lights would come on.....I spent 5 hours trying to solve the problem, and I consulted many people including Mark, Don, and Mike. Eventually.....and almost sadly, it turns out I simply had the chip in backwards. It's ironic, since the how-to video specifically states to ensure the chips are in correctly. Hopefully, sometime tomorrow I will have a video showing my lights in full working action!!

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