Saturday, October 6, 2012

Attaching the Skins!

After having these aluminum skins for a LONG time, and now having a newly renovated frame, it's time to really make R2 come alive and add his skins! For starters, I am using Daren Murrer's "Skin Snaps." The premise behind them is that one piece attaches to the skins, and the other is firmly attached to the frame, then the two pieces attach to one another and become one. Daren provides a tutorial to mount these, and as helpful as it is, I decided to do some of my own modifications and make this a little easier of a process. I will not go into details of everything, but you can look at the photos and see the modifications I made, and as always, you're welcome to ask questions! Here are some photos of the current progress. The rear skins have not been installed yet, just the front inner skin. Tomorrow, I hope to get the rear inner's attached, as well as getting both outer's VHB taped on.

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