Sunday, September 2, 2012

ULTIMATE Dome Topper.

I have labeled this dome topper, ULTIMATE, simply because it cost me $2.19 after tax. Basically, my dome topper consists of the "golden ring" from the 300mm dome, two washers, a wing nut and a small carriage bolt.
The first step, was to spray the carriage bolt with self etching seen here!
Next on the list was to secure the "golden ring" to the dome. To do this, I used GE Silicon II.
Here you can see the ring secured to the dome. It's perfectly do I know? I eyeballed it.
After securing my ring, I went outside to spray some blue paint on my topper.
After letting it dry, and applying a liberal amount of clear coat, it was time to install and tighten with the wing nut.
and yes, I think it's pretty "ultimate".

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