Monday, June 11, 2012


Also, I want to add that in the next few weeks, the JAG Aluminum Skirt should be arriving, which will make for a FUN day!! I also decided to go ahead and get the aluminum center vents, so they will be arriving soon as well. Now I need to pick up a set of Skin Snaps and R2 will really start coming together.

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  1. Looks like we're still at very similar stages, Flash!
    I cut my skins up and am JB-welding them today/tonight. But I have my dome completely done.
    I noticed you have a similar 'anomaly' as mine... The blue "washer" between the little circle dealy and the bigger ring... You've got it blue, too.
    Should we both leave it blue, or paint it/sand it so it looks "right"? :)
    I'm doing 3 things at once... I have my scooter motors mounted in the A&A shells. I could have it mobile by Saturday!