Monday, June 11, 2012

I'm BACK in the saddle again!

While I have been gone from the R2 building community for awhile, my efforts are finally back on the right track. A LOT has happened in the last few months that'd make about any man say the hell with it, but I still give it my all, and know that soon things will be back to normal. Anyway, in an attempt to clear my head recently, I said why not do something that makes you enjoy yourself some....and then I saw poor untouched R2 sitting in the corner, and decided he needed to get back into the spotlight. So to start with, I dismembered all the skins, and primed them with self etching primer! Then of course, came the Rustoleum Satin White......I wasn't sure how much to use to attain full coverage, and in the end, used damn near 2-cans worth! After that was done, I decided to start painting some of the dome panels. I still need quite a bit to finish the dome, including the Teece's kit, the Holoprojectors, logics, and maybe something else, but either way, the blue can start going on.....I used Sonic Blue Pearl, straight from the can. Once the blue had dried, and was clear coated, I had to test it on the dome to see what it looked like. This was really the first time R2 got some color to him and started to look like.....well, R2! Next, it was time to enjoy the fruits of my labor, painting these skins and panels took place over about 4 days, and well, it's time to see if R2 looks like himself. So I started by laying all the parts out. And then, using Scotch Blue Tape, I taped some pieces together, and taped them to my frame to get a good look! And finally, I had to place one of the doors on him so I could see how he'd look with the panels, and this is my favorite shot of R2 so can really tell he is starting to take on a new life!

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