Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cutting more dome panels.

Over the last 6 hours, I have worked my butt off cutting out the remaining panels of the dome. Most, if not all, will have to be slightly enlarged when the parts arrive, but that's the easy part. I started by cutting out the HPs. The holes are fairly straightforward to work with. Drill all around them, then I cut them into a "pizza shapes" and simply bent and twisted them out. Next, I started to cut out the rear logic. I took photos here to show my cut-out process. Here, you can see how I am drilling holes all along the outline. and after some more holes, you eventually get all the way around. Then, you want to take your dremel, and cut out all around the holes you drilled. The holes make it a LOT easier to cut out. And finally, you want to take your file, and smooth it all out....! Here is a picture of my front PSI. Here are a couple pictures of my front Logics. Next, I went and took a small break from cutting, and countersunk my screws into the nylon ring. The tutorial suggests 4 screws.....however, since I made a cut in the dome, I went and placed 6 screws into the Nylon Ring. Next, I am going to do the rear PSI.....but I am going to make another blog post for it.

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