Saturday, June 16, 2012

Trimming the dome.

Today, I was able to get the inner dome trimmed. I started by putting a small gap ABOVE and BELOW the gap (about a quarter's width). Then, I drew a line all around the dome where I wanted to make my cut. I next took my dremel, and scored the entire dome along the line. I made a cut that went all the way through my dome, then took my hacksaw and WD-40 and went to work. About a hour and a half later, I made it about 4-5 inches around the dome......not very good progress!! Luckily, Cobalt60 from the forums recommended using some tin snips to cut the dome. I paid $9.00 for a set of aircraft grade snips at Lowe's......and I had the whole dome done in 10 minutes. Here are some photos showing this progress. Here, you can see the inner dome sitting on my pool table. It's extremely flat, which is something I am proud of! Next, I added the blue ring, and placed the outer dome on it as well. You can see the small gap, but when the blue ring is raised a little, you'll be able to fit a quarter above and below the blue gap. Here is another shot of the same thing, just with more blue panels! On today's list, I plan to countersink some holes in the inner dome, and hopefully get it mounted to the rockler. We shall see.

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