Sunday, December 4, 2011

almost done with the legs!

My oh my!! Today was a short, but good day. I finished routing the pieces to finish the legs, and then I glued them up! Tomorrow morning, I will have two complete legs that will be ready for sanding and finishing! What a great day it is!!! I also discovered another 'protip' that I made a thread about on the forums, but because it would be out of character to not have it on my blog, i'll copy and paste here.

PROTIP:When you're routing templates out for legs, put a "bushing" on top of your wood between the template. The router bit has a washer that tends to cut into the templates, which in turn, can mess up your templates horrifically!! To counter-act this, place a piece of styrene, or 1/4" plywood, or anything BETWEEN the wood to be routed, and the template. This will, in turn, guarantee that your template will be in the same shape it was the first time, and that the board underneath the 'bushing' will have a perfect shape.

That tip will save you a lot of potential troubles!!!

In other news, I need to start acquiring finishing pieces to the legs and have already started looking for some beefy ankles (I call them cankles). The dome should be here in the next 3 weeks, and I still have no clue about my aluminum skins!!!

Tomorrow, I will pick up some pieces for attaching the legs and get some leg photos up!!

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