Friday, December 23, 2011

NEW PARTS DAY!! - Couplers and Hubs.

Today I received some new parts in!! They had already been painted which makes my job much easier. They had been painted red by the previous owner, so all I had to do was switch the blue!

Before I could start painting, I had to pick up some vitals. Sonic Blue, Crystal Clear, Paint Brushes, and 1500 grit sandpaper were all on the list!

Here you can start to see the transformation. There is still some red, but most is now blue!! It looks black, but it's definitely a nice shade of R2 blue. Once it dried, it lightens up nicely as well!

With the flash on, you can see more of the 'blue'

Here, with the flash off, you can see how much darker it looks!

Finally, you can see how I masked the edges of the couplers so I could paint the sides......For the curved part of those raised edges, I had to free hand them, and then clean-up.......took some time, but they look good.

For now, they're drying overnight before they'll receive a 1500gt sanding tomorrow, and then, I will give them a light clear coat!!!!!

With some luck, I will see my aluminum skins tomorrow as well!

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