Monday, December 12, 2011

More leg work.

Okay, productive Sunday to say the least. I started by opening up the arm pits on the maybe they're actually leg pits?! Anyway, this was fairly tedious and really should have been done before the glue up...lesson learned, however, it's done now!

Next, I started sanding my initial coat of wood filler. This went fairly quickly and easily and sanded fairly smooth (as you'll see in the last pic). I want to add about 2 more coats over all the edges just to ensure an extremely smooth finish. I may use an Evercoat glazing putty over the thing once I am happy with it just as a harder finish. I also took this time to test my plywood discs to ensure that everything was lined up! Thankfully, it's all lined up and perfect!

Here is that shot of the smoothness along the edges. You can see some tiny bumps in there that will eventually get sanded out, however I am very happy with the initial results.

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