Friday, December 2, 2011

More leg work.

Tonight, I did not get the router table back to working order. What I thought was a lose router bit, was actually a lose ROUTER! So I am still in the process of fixing it, however, tomorrow night it should be functional again.

Tonight, I did some of the more tedious, boring work. I started by drilling holes in my two inner legs. These are the holes that the screws from the mounting plate will go into. I started by drilling a hole in the center so I could get the jiggy-saw in there.

PROTIP: Don't drill your hole in the center, because then you have to jiggy all the way to the edge of the circle, instead, drill your hole closer to the edge.

After a short period of time, both were done! No matter what I do, I cannot get this picture to orientate right on here, so, please turn your head 90 degrees for the full effect.

Next, I slapped some good ol' wood glue on there, an glued it up, and clamped it down.

And finally, I started a glue up of the second leg.

Just for kicks, I took a photo of them next to each other.

A couple of thoughts I would like to share with you all here. The actual woodworking phase is slowly drawing to a close. We're not there yet, but we are getting there. I was scared to make these legs as they are without a doubt one of the most difficult parts to make. I would like to thank all of my friends as they've given me TONS of help in constructing these legs, and I must say, I am VERY proud of how they are turning out. They still have some work to go, but I am confident that they'll turn out looking great.

Once these legs get done, it's time to start the fun, intricate details that makes R2 work. Motors, lights, sounds, doors, etc, etc etc......!

I want to thank each one of you for helping me throughout this build so far, and I would also like to thank all my readers, and especially the comments I get about enjoying my blog!

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