Saturday, December 10, 2011

Legs are closer!!

Been a little behind on my photos. Largely due that the camera battery died and I was too lazy to plug it in. Fear not, as I have fixed the problem!

For starters, today I finished my droid discs as I call them....these are basically the little discs that attach the gas pipes to the legs.

You may notice a few things here, first, my circles aren't that round! 2nd, yes I know there is a T-nut in there upside down. may notice on my discs what I am now calling "weight holes".....what this actually is, is when I first drilled my discs, I didn't check the hole in the leg to see how wide it was, and in turn, when I drilled the first set of holes, they were actually placed OVER the hole, so now screws could have been screwed in the holes. Problem solved however. In that photo, you can also see my electrical plates that are drilled. One change I am going to make, however, is that instead of using 2" screws all around, I have switched to 1" screws for the center, and 1.5" screws for the 6 outer screws.

Next, I took the legs out to the garage and started filling them. I can't fill the whole leg yet as I haven't opened up the shoulder pits....this step SHOULD have been done before the glue up, however, I don't follow directions well, so I make it harder on myself.

Next up, I am going to shoot a video showing you my new amazing gas pipe. Being a scientist, I have dubbed this method the "EVO gas pipe". This little beauty will set you back less than $20 and you'll never have to find a pipe that sticks inside another pipe again!!

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