Friday, December 2, 2011

Small progress.

They legs move tantalizingly slow....every day is seems like you can only really do about 30 minutes of work, and then wait for the wood glue to cure overnight. Today, I did manage to get some more wood for the piece I messed up on the legs. I also bought a piece of 6" x 2' of poplar, which I will use for the small end pieces on the inboard size. Most people use MDF, but this poplar was only $3.00 at Home Depot.

Tonight, I will attempt to fix my router table and rout out the remaining pieces of leg. Also, I will drill a hole in my inboard legs and cut out the hole for the mounting of the gas pipes. Hopefully (if things go as planned), I will actually have more than 30 minutes worth of work! I will make another post later this evening.

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