Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Almost there!!!.

To give you an idea as to what I am dealing with on the skirt, here are a few close ups of the ribs. I am honestly not TOO concerned if they don't sit flush on the bottom. With the skirt being as low as it is, I think as long as it looks decent, most people will be not be drawn to it. However, I am hoping that my silicon will cure as many of these problems as it can!

Notice in here that nice gap between the ribs and the styrene? Thats because my stupid self used a dremel to sand the styrene.

PRO-TIP: Do NOT use a dremel to sand your styrene.

So here is a shot of the skirt, under the frame.....in all honesty, this is about 5 feet away, and it doesn't look too bad at 3ft' off the ground. The edges, while they don't LOOK smooth, actually are now, largely due to the use of the spackling and 320 grit sandpaper (thanks Senna).

Here, you will see the gap that causes it to NOT sit flush. This gap is really less than 1/4 of an inch, which isn't horrific by any means.....I am fairly certain that this area will caulk extremely well and will seal it to the frame. Down the road, if I ever upgrade frames (smell that aluminum?), then I would certainly upgrade my skirt as well. I think I can be satisfied with this skirt, however, I won't know for SURE until I see the caulking on there......the good news is, is I have faith once again in my building skills of the skirt.

At this point, all of the ribs have been siliconed and I will patch any small gaps tomorrow once they've dried. I will then use 320 grit again and just clean everything up to ready it for primer.....I figure if it looks good in primer, then it will look good on my droid.

In other news, I ordered a set of leg templates from a Astromech member(THANKS BUHATKJ!!) He has been overly nice in helping me with these, and I cannot WAIT to receive them. This will make my life a lot better having good, accurate templates for the legs already cut. I have a good router table, so maybe, in 2 or 3 days after receiving them, I can have them done......lets keep our fingers crossed!!

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