Saturday, November 26, 2011

A little behind!

Due to the Holiday, and Black Friday, I have been a little behind on my blog. Work HAS been getting done, but it hasn't been updated here. So keep in mind, the this post, and the next post, have actually taken place over several days.

To start with, it's time to glue the ribs onto the skirt. Because I live in Missouri (Misery), it's cold outside, therefore I decide to utilize the kitchen table. To prevent any problems, I highly suggest you tape a couple pieces of aluminum foil together just to prevent any potential problems!

So I set the skirt up on the foil, and proceeded to make the angles..... I then used wood glue to glue the ribs to the skirt. The ribs are now made of MDF and I chose wood glue because it's extremely strong.

Now it's time to wait 24 hours to let the glue cure 100%.

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