Sunday, November 6, 2011

Little accomplished, but it looks good!

Well. I went to go get some Testor's Model Cement to glue the styrene to the skirt today. Because I sometimes don't think things through (like drawing where the ribs should go BEFORE I cut everything out!), I didn't realize that the only place I can get it around here, is closed on Sunday! So, the only thing I even did today was tape both sides to the skirt frame, take a look at what had to be sanded eventually, and the, I sat the frame on top of the skirt to get a better idea as to what it would look like. I am very impressed with how it looks, but truthfully, I am kind of wondering why I didn't just buy the resin skirt. This isn't a 'hard' piece to build, but it is time consuming. Oh well, I will do my best and hopefully it will make my droid even more rewarding when it's done!!

Here's a few pictures!

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