Thursday, November 17, 2011

New Parts(?) Day!!!!

I am not really sure if this counts as a new 'parts' day or not, but I sure am pretty damn happy.

First, I picked up some posterboard to help fill in the gaps on my skirt. I figure this will be easy enough to cut, and once it's bondo'd over, it will be strong anyway.

Next up, you see this "mysterious" package that arrived on my doorstep today!!!! The posterboard is placed on top to cover my information, so in this shot, you can see both of the items!

After opening the package, what do I reveal??!?!?!?!?!


These are truly remarkable pieces, and I intend to keep these in great condition to use for years to come. I was scared of making the leg pieces, one wrong cut, and everything is ruined, but....get a set of templates from a guy who's great at making legs.....and good things can happen!

Finally, an obligatory shot showing what R2 would look like......IF he had legs!! I hope to finish the skirt Friday night, and start the legs this weekend!!

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