Thursday, November 3, 2011

A great couple of days!!

Yesterday and Today have been two pretty good days. Yesterday, I got 3 of the 4 sides of the inner skirt glued up. Only 3 because again, I don't have enough clamps to do all 4.....which is a bummer. However, the skirt innards go together fairly simply, so all it does it test patience as all the pieces are already cut.

Now if yesterday was good, then Today is even better!!! For starters, I got the 4th side glued up, and it should be dry and ready to go tomorrow.

Here is a top view showing all four sides and only ONE of them is clamped!! Can't wait to get it off tomorrow and get going with the skirt!

Next up, I found a local supplier for Styrene. I literally made 20 calls and nobody had it in stock. I finally struck gold with the last call, and got a full 4'x8' sheet for $25.00......bigger sheet than what I wanted, but they wouldn't go any smaller.

Next, I cut the side wings for the skirt. I only hacked the 36 degree angle in it, and will finish the 20 degree angle tomorrow. I want to give a special shout out to "Vickter" for helping me figure these wings out. They were giving me one hell of a time and without his knowledge and guidance, i'd have ruined them!

And finally, I also made a stop by Lowe's today and picked up this gorgeous new beauty. I figure I am going to need to utilize this tool quite often and needed to invest in one. I was happy with the price and the contents of the kit and figure this Dremel should last me quite a few years!!

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