Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sexy legs!

Today, I opted to do a little more work on the legs. I really don't "have" any wood, so everything I made came from scraps that I have saved....see, another reason to save all that crap!

The first thing I wanted to do, was create the 'hollowed' out section on my mid-legs. I simply ripped out a strip down the middle of them, and used a jigsaw to do the ends. Overall, this is great for now, but maybe before the glue up, I will widen the tops a bit.

The next thing I opted to do, was start work on the center leg. After consulting with my good friend Randy, I found out the dimensions for the center leg, and went to work on the 'ends' of the center leg.

Next up, I did the 'inside' piece of the center leg...however, I only had enough scrap to do one of these. The other section would have cut into the width of the center leg by about 1/8". Since I need more 1/2" anyway, I opted to wait on the second inner section until I buy more. So with that scrap, I made the ends for the outside legs. (note: for some reason, I did not photograph the inner piece other than it being glued up)

Finally, I glued up two of the center leg pieces, and when I get more wood, I will finish it. and get all four sections glued together.

Also, I would like to note that had I not ran out of 1/2" wood....I would have been able to get the legs entirely finished today.....oh well, tomorrow i'll pick up more 1/2"!!!

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