Saturday, November 26, 2011

Silicon on my skirt!

Okay, everything on this blog actually happened today!! (11/26/2011)

I started by laying foil out again, and getting my supplies ready.

1. GE White Paintable Silicon
2. Paper Towels
3. Aluminum Foil
4. Blue Tape
5. Red cup of water

Laying the skirt down upside down gives me the best angle for placing the silicon on.

Next up, you can see the placement of silicon on the skirt, notice how rough and gritty it looks...

Well, to fix that, it's time for a....

PROTIP: This one comes from Randy (TK8999) from the Astromech website. So THANK YOU Randy! If you get a cup of water, and dip your finger into it, and then run it down the side of the silicon, it will smooth out the silicon incredibly smooth. This will make life much easier for you.

Here's a shot of that protip in action.

Now, it's time to cut out the hole for the 3rd leg. To do this, I will place the frame upside down, center my skirt on the frame, and then trace the outline on my frame onto the skirt!

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