Monday, November 14, 2011

'hemming' the skirt!

Notice how I try to add stupid puns to all my titles? Anyway, my skirt needs a lot of fixing. Here is how I am attempting to rectify the situation. Ever hear of a little magic jar called........SPACKLING PASTE?!

If not, take note.....this crap can be applied to almost anything, and sands finer than Faith Hill.

In the next two photos, you can see just how crappy everything turned out. There is rough patch of silicon (that has now been sanded smooth), you can see the styrene is awful at the top. The wood base is not very smooth in some areas, and it's all around a mess......In these pictures, however, I have started to apply the spackling paste to the wooden frame. However, it should sand beautifully and hopefully regain what I am hoping for.

The next question you may ask, is how I plan to correct the terrible styrene tops. Well my friends, when I attach the skirt to the frame, I intend to use a nice layer of caulk to go around the edges. This should accomplish two feats; 1. Cover the horrible gaps and 2. Make the skirt actually 'flow' into the frame.

Here, you can see an 'action shot' or me putting the paste on. In a few hours, I will attempt to sand it smoothly, and then attach the ribs which I already have cut.

My hopes is to make this smoother, and provide a look that I can live with. I will update here soon with the results and photos!

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