Saturday, November 19, 2011


As you can see here, I have now cut the MDF into two separate pieces! Whats the reason?'s the outline of a new skirt! I am approaching this one quite a bit different than the first. I saw this from another builder ( and decided that the idea was amazing! After contacting him, and getting a few more details, I decided to go out and do my own just like it. Tomorrow, I will use my band saw to cut the angles, and with some luck (more than I had at the casino tonight!) it will come out perfect!

PROTIP: Check your measurements. On my original skirt (see previous posts), the total WIDTH was 13-15/16.....according to the plans, it should be 13.598, which is closer to 13-5/8. This is a significant difference. After examining my skirt, I cannot find any flaws that I made, the side wings are correct in angle and height. The skirt base is 1/2", and the overall height is 2.5" how I got it to be 1/2" (give/take) wider is beyond me. However, with this MDF skirt, I now have the exact width of 13.598 (or damn close).

Here are a few pictures with the 36 degree angle cuts made. So far, the only downside I have found is the weight. However, there is still no 3rd leg cut (which will be last), and the length is almost twice as long as it will be when it's done. However, the stability I will gain from making a skirt like this will be worth the extra weight. Also note, that currently there is no 1/2" cap on the end of the skirt, that'll be added once the curved pieces are done.

Also wanted to show this.....I picked this up at Lowe's for 13 dollars and change. It may not be top of the line, but it's exactly what I need to start my legs. I will adjust the depth of the router so that it will cut the 1/2" and 3/4" perfectly. This means that the overall length of 1" is rather null, which means that I do not need to buy two router bits.

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