Friday, November 11, 2011

small skirt update

I should have taken some pictures for this process, but I was too lazy. Tonight I did little, but accomplished a lot. I used my Dremel for the first time to clean up some of the skirt. I also used it to sand any places that were even (ie. the tops of the styrene). Once that was done, I put a thin layer of white paintable silicon on it, and smoothed it out. This will fill in any and all gaps. Overall, it looks fairly good. It has some rough spots and looks like hell due to the wood showing, the styrene showing, the various sanding, and the Bondo. I am going for a weathered droid though, so I think having little imperfections isn't a bad thing. Someday, I might buy an aluminum skirt, but for now, this will suit my needs.

Tomorrow, I intend to cut and glue the ribs. I will do some photos to show my rib cutting process!

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