Thursday, November 10, 2011


Well, this was a fun and exciting day. I started by bondo-ing the edges of my skirt frame and the seems between the wings and the frame. I laid some foil down in my garage (cause it's COLD outside!) and went to work.

This bondo, when mixed, comes in a nice green color. I put a thin layer on there, and let it dry for an hour.

at this point, I used a sanding block to go around and smooth the edges. Don't worry, in this photo, I haven't started yet.

Finally, the real 'pain in the ass' part. Attaching these styrene pieces to the frame. I picked up some CA glue that was meant for wood, and also a bottle of super glue. I assumed they'd set up fairly fast, so I taped it, glued it, waited an hour, removed the tape, and they went flying.....the glue WAS NOT DRY!!!!! Suddenly, I had glue on my pants, on my hands, and about everywhere, the sides of the styrene had glue on them, there was just a huge mess......I was rather peeved at this incident and chucked my styrene panels in the trash.

The thought of cutting out two more scared me more than sanding them, so digging through the trash I went, and started sanding. After talking with a friend (Hi Randall!), I learned of a special glue chart that suggested I let the super glue cure for 24, after a ton of sanding, I reattached them with even MORE tape, and slapped a ton of glue on there to really hold those beauties down. Sometime after lunch tomorrow, I will remove the tape, pray it's still holding, and then use some of my white silicon to patch any gaps.....lets hope for the best!!

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