Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Legs Part 2.

Well, still work continues on the legs. I picked up a new router bit today and started work. However, only having enough wood to do what you need can create problems......if you mess something up.

Well, when you don't completely secure the bit in the router, problems typically occur. My full length leg piece (and template) was ruined in the process. Never fear though, I found the problem, fixed it, and finished the inboard leg. I will use the "good" outboard leg I have as a template for the next one.........or using the rest of my templates, piece together a new template. Either way, we're getting closer. I also took this opportunity to further enlarge the grooves on the middle pieces......you can tell I freehanded them. Also the center leg (pictured below) is now completely done and all glued up.

On my good outboard piece, I did have one small hiccup that I photographed here. I am not quite sure what happened, but it probably caused a 1/16" indention on the board........nothing a little evercoat can't fix.

Currently, the one good outboard piece I have is being glued with the little ankle piece out in the garage.

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