Saturday, November 26, 2011

Beginning of the legs.

Because tonight is such a good night, I also decided to start on the legs! This was honestly a lot easier than I thought it would be.

I decided I would start with the 3/4" pieces, no idea why I decided to start there, but figured I would start in the middle and work out.

For this demostration and ease of photos (hey, I still am on crutches from my ACL surgery), my dad will be assisting with the process again while I take pictures!

To start with, we drew out the design on the board we wanted. This is beneficial only because we had a fairly large board, and wanted to cut it down to a small size. I read that people jigsaw them on a rough outline, I however, just made it close with the table saw. Here, you see my dad drawing out the outline.

Here you see my dad cutting the board to our rough dimensions....basically, he freehanded around the outline.

Here, you can see our router bit all set up. Check this multiple times with your templates.

Here is a couple of action shots with the router going through the wood.

Just to show you all how quickly this method can be, here is a short video I took of it as well!

Finally, here is a shot of both legs completed! They are almost spot on, there are a few rough spots, but nothing a little filler and/or sanding cannot fix. Overall, I am EXTREMELY happy with the results!!

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